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I’m Georgana M. Hall. I’ve been in the craft industry my entire life. My mom Carolee introduced me as a young child to creativity, tradeshows and teaching. I guess that’s why to some it’s no surprise I work full-time beside my mom and do a little bit of everything here at company headquarters. Part of the Carolee’s Creations story is that my grandma started my scrapbooking addiction when I was twelve years old. She bought me scissors, templates, cardstock, page protectors, and a binder. Every summer I would go to stay with her for a week and what would we do? Shop and scrapbook. The pages I did back then are of course ancient, but I never want to re-do them because I can go back and remember when and where I scrapbooked them (and I can almost guarantee we were sipping Diet Pepsi). Not only are my pages precious, but also the memories of me assembling them with my grandma. Thank-you grandma.
I have been married for three years and I’m a mom to a darling one-year-old boy, Boston. We have so much fun together. As a family we enjoy spending time together, camping, four wheeling, and traveling.


sewing quick projects, and crafting unique items., scrapbooking, adorning my home